Joint Or Disputed Loss Agreement (Cp 12 70)

The form requires both carriers to pay half of the agreed loss and to settle each other after the insured has been compensated. Another potentially unclear loss is the loss of property improvements and improvements made by the tenant in a rented room. The definition of personal business property relates to the tenant`s « interest in use » for its improvements and improvements; but what about the value of improvements and improvements if, as is probably the case, the tenant has to pay to replace the improvements and improvements after a loss? Most insureds have property that can be considered either real property or personal property; Use this confirmation to remove any questions or debates that may arise after a loss. The insurer found that the most responsible person must reimburse the other carrier for the difference between the 50 per cent already paid and its actual liability, plus the lump sum damage. Lump sum damages shall be drawn up by multiplying the highest policy rate of 1.5 on the day of implementation of the agreement. This percentage is applied during the arbitration period (« lump sum compensation period »). « Completed additions » are included in the CPC definition of « buildings ». This term theoretically includes improvements and improvements, but not explicitly. It is better to explicitly support the directive in order to include the tenant`s improvements and improvements as a « building » rather than relying on an interpretation after the loss. .

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