Icloud Terms And Agreement

This method only serves to make sure that you are on the same side as others. For each of the different Apple devices, there are several ways to access the new page with the iCloud Terms of Service. So make sure you follow the right process depending on the device you`re on: the same here! It is a loop after clicking on the terms and conditions. What do I do? In addition, the main thing of this manual is to provide you with the immediate workarounds and permanent fixes that help to solve this problem directly. We have taken the liberty of organizing this contribution with any method, from the most fundamental method to the most advanced method, so that you can first tick the simple solutions before going directly into the most robust solutions. Hopefully, after reading this article, we can help you resolve the « Updated iCloud Terms of Service Cannot Accept » issue. This is the solution that managed to solve the problem for us and allowed us to accept the iCloud Terms of Service. By signing out of your Apple ID, restarting the device, and then reinstalling, you`re essentially removing all the issues that were previously related to your Apple ID. If you unsubscribe and sign in again, you recreate the Apple ID profile settings to accommodate any updates or process interruptions that may have occurred without your knowledge.

Another possibility is that Apple Services is not available near you. Apple has distributed servers in any part of the world to avoid traffic jams, and from time to time there is maintenance work. You should be able to check the status of online services. If services are no longer available near you (red dot), wait until they turn green. After that, you should be able to go pending and complete the new process of accepting iCloud terms…

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