Cornwall Council Planning Performance Agreement

Please note that as of January 1, 2019, we will no longer accept cheques as a means of payment for construction applications. Please use our online payment or card payment systems. You can call us on 0300 1234 151 if you need help with payments. Due to current Covid 19 restrictions, we are unable to provide a safe environment for community personal engagement forums before applying. Officials are currently exploring options for cooperation with local councils and developers for community engagement. If you need a building permit, you can use our advice before applying. If you use it before submitting your application, we will: for applications subject to a plan service contract, the fees will be negotiated separately. Together, they are able to hear the views of local residents early in the planning process. If you are not sure if you need to apply for a building permit, visit our page « Do I need a building permit? ». The Planning Portal Pricing Calculator is a useful tool that allows you to determine the cost of your planning application by asking a number of questions. If you would like more details on the calculation of our planning fees, you can find them in our additional planning fees and charges document. The purpose of increased community engagement is to identify problems. This will make it possible to process a subsequent construction request more quickly.

This should make the determination process smoother. In particular, the applicants` commitment to the Community: a list of planning fees and charges is available in our document on fees and charges for planning and sustainable development and includes pre-application advisory fees, validation examination and basic fees. The Council encourages the Community`s commitment. The value of collecting the views of local people should not be underestimated at an early stage. Local issues and concerns can then be addressed in any future planning request. The changes made are probably key considerations. These are taken into account and weighted. This allows the application process to be faster and smoother. In principle, ASAs can be used for every application.

While they are more effective for large, complex proposals, the Council proposes a simple form of AAA agreement for small systems. This is based on the main steps to be followed. We also encourage the use of our pre-application tips for all proposals. If you have any questions about this or other issues regarding the planning portal payment system, please contact the portal directly on 0333 323 4589 or Information on upcoming community engagement forums prior to application will also be posted on the website. Neighbors are invited to a forum. (This is in line with the Council`s standard criteria for neighbours` declaration for construction applications.) The wider community will be able to get details about these events on community engagement sites….

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