Urfa Apt Collective Agreement

« It is time to deliver on the promises made this week by negotiating in good faith an agreement that is not only in the best interests of the litigants, but above all in the best interests of the students. » « We believe in the collective bargaining process and have worked hard to get the best possible collective agreement for students, university staff and the broader campus community. » At 6:15 a.m. M was announced that an interim agreement had been reached, with the URFA recommending the members of the agreement. It has yet to be ratified. « The URFA`s position is that the collective agreement remains in force until a new agreement is negotiated. In the event of a strike, the URFA executive will argue that sabbaticants and those with authorized sheets should not be considered a strike because they were not apprenticed or had no supervisory or management functions. It depends, of course, on the position of our employer. This directive applies to all members of the university community, including those directly or indirectly employed at the university, students, volunteers and visitors. This directive applies to the risks, threats and incidents of discrimination or harassment that occur on university campuses and other workplaces and educational settings, under the control of the university or at a university-sponsored event. This directive also applies to behaviours on academic premises that have an identifiable and essential connection to the university or that relate to the university`s work or learning environment. A formal complaint under another higher education policy or article of collective agreement may trigger this directive. The university has collective agreements covering the terms and conditions of employment of four collective agreement units. « This means that members of the university bargaining unit at the University of Regina, unless the negotiating team reaches an interim agreement before that date, will participate in the work. If you have anything to check on a collective labour agreement, please note that the first collective agreement for our new members, the university`s research collaborators, is now available! It is in our collective agreements A new collective agreement for our members at the Mackenzie Art Gallery was negotiated this summer, and members working for Chartwells were assisted when the food services completed their restructuring.

These are just two of the strengths of a long list of members` themes and concerns that were considered during the summer months. Chase wrote that the trading site, ureginacollectivebargaining.ca, is part of those efforts. URFA President Sylvain Rheault said in an interview that the offer was made without an email request and that it had discussed the terms of the agreement.

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