Agreement Of Century

It is unlikely that the agreement of the American century will make a useful contribution to the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead, it risks worsening an already tense situation and accelerating the erosion of common conflict management. Even under heavy pressure, Palestinian leaders cannot be expected to endorse the U.S. approach. In response to Trump`s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel`s capital, the Palestinians refused any further mediation from Washington and have since refused high-level contacts with the U.S. Middle East team. In any case, Palestinian leaders are divided and President Mahmoud Abbas does not have the legitimacy to negotiate meaningful compromises, nor does he have the authority to implement an agreement. The new Israeli government can be expected to treat a Palestinian « no » to negotiations on the basis of the U.S. plan as a green light for the selective and unilateral implementation of elements of the initiative allowing it to maintain permanent control of East Jerusalem and strategic parts of the West Bank. Given that the election of the Knesset will likely lead to a new right-wing/national coalition, it is likely to feel seriously encouraged to begin the de jure annexation of Area C of the West Bank. This would permanently reduce Palestinian territory to a few isolated enclaves. A two-state rule would no longer be an option. Nevertheless, the plan proposes a transfer of territory that would reduce Israel`s demographic burden – in particular « triangular communities » populated by Palestinians of Israeli nationality, defined as kufr Qara, Ar`ara, Baha al-Gharbiyye, Umm al Fahm, Qalawaansawaans, Al Tayibe, Kufrazim Qasim, Al Tira, Kufra Bar and Jaljulia.

It states that « communities, which largely identify as Palestinians, were originally to fall under Jordanian control during the negotiations on the 1949 ceasefire line, but were ultimately retained by Israel for military reasons, which in the meantime have been mitigated. The vision foresees the possibility, subject to the agreement of the parties, that Israel`s borders will be redefined so that triangular communities become part of the State of Palestine.

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